Test Preperation

Follow these guidlelines to ensure that you get the most acurate results from your fitness tests. 
Body Compositions Analysis Guidelines:
  • Avoid testing after hard exercise. Take measurements after sufficient rest

  • Avoid measuring after over-eating, over-drinking or when severely dehydrated.

  • Wait at least three hours after eating.

  • Avoid using directly after waking up.

  • Use at the same time each occasion.

  • Do not take measurements while using transmitters such as a cell phoneUse the device under the same conditions and in the same position as much as possible to track changes.

Resting Energy Expendature Test Guidelines:
  • It is desirable to measure a person’s metabolic rate at a true resting level. To ensure one is at rest, we recommend the following preparation:

    • Avoid eating a meal 4 hours before the test.

    • Avoid exercising on the day of testing.

    • If possible, avoid the use of stimulants such as caffeine prior to testing.

  • During the test it will be important to get into a comfortable position and relax as much as possible.



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