one body fitness


There is only ONE BODY like you

This program is designed to help people meet their fitness goals. The tests provided will yield useful physiological measurements that are the foundation needed to develope personalized fitness strategies.  


  • Body Composition Analysis

    • This simple test takes less than a minute and gives you acurate measurements of your percent body fat, lean body mass and body water mass. Take a base line measurement to see where you are starting and remeasure regularly to monitor the effectiveness of your fitness regement.

  • Resting Energy Expenditure Test

    • FACT: If you use more calories than you consum, you will lose weight. This test takes about 15 minutes and involves breathing into a machinE. his machine measures the amount of oxygen your body uses at rest. From this we can calculate how many calories your body uses on a daily bases. With this information you can be sure to be following guidelines that are safe and specific to your body's needs.

  • Goal Setting

    • Now that you have base line measurements of your current fitness, you can look forward to seeing improvements. Setting goals that are safe and reasonable is important. Coming back for follow up measurements will prove whether or not your fitness program is successful.

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